1998年ヴォーカルのナガシマトモコとのデュオ、orange pekoeを結成。2002年1st作«Organic Plastic Music»で幅広い支持を獲得。その後も国内はもとよりアジア各国や北米でも活動を展開。
2011年ソロ名義での1stアルバム«SUN DANCE»(BounDEE by SSNW)をリリースし、雄大な自然からの着想、自己の内面を投影した叙情的なオリジナル楽曲もとに、アコースティックな響きと空間的余韻を内包したインストゥメンタル音楽を展開。ジャズやクラッシク音楽だけでなくワールドミュージックリスナーなど幅広い支持を得る。
その後もカルロス・アギーレ(pf)やアンドレ・メマーリ(pf)、シルビア・イリオンド(vo)等をフィーチャーしたソロ名義作«Dialogues»(NRT)、«My Native Land»(KING RECORDS)、«FLOW»(SPIRAL RECORDS)、また伊藤志宏(pf)とのデュオ作»Wavenir»(hummock label)を発表。


Kazuma Fujimoto is a Japanese guitarist, composer, band leader and producer.  

He started his career as a member of the pops duo Orange Pekoe with a vocalist Tomoko Nagashima in 1998. Their 1st album«Organic Plastic Music» sold more than 350,000 copies and they awarded many prizes such as "Japan Gold Disc Award", "New Artist of the Year" and more. They also have been active in extending their musical platforms globally, releasing albums and performing in many other countries in Asia and the U.S. 

In 2011, Kazuma embarked on a solo career to focus on instrumental music. His style  incorporates elements of contemporary jazz, folk ,world and chamber music. He plays both acoustic and electric guitars with his delicate fingerpicking technique. His performance impresses upon listeners a sense that the notes and even the silence between are the essential part of his music.
He released four original albums, including guest musicians, Carlos Aguirre (vo/p, from Argentina), Renato Motha and Patricia Lobato (vo, from Brazil), Andre Mehmari (p, from Brazil), Silvia Iriondo(vo, from Argentina), Joana Queiroz (clarinet, from Brazil), Masaki Hayashi(piano, from Japan) and more. Also he released a duo album with Shikou Ito(piano, from Japan).
He moved the main base of his activities NY in 2016 and LA in 2018. In 2019 He came back to Japan and formed his new quartet. Now he is working on his next album.